My Story

I was born in Iceland to the first Venezuelan-Icelandic couple recorded in Íslendingabók, Iceland’s national family tree. This family tree dates back to the Viking settlement in 874 and proclaims that there are few others like me, who are considered “colored” in Iceland, “white” in Venezuela, and “Hispanic” in America.

I grew up moving fourteen times before college and learned to speak five languages. I became a dual citizen, with an American passport that gave me one name and an Icelandic passport that gave me another. All this to say: my formative years taught me that anything is possible.

I am currently pursuing my dream of becoming a physician, an author, and an advocate for abused children. I am in my third year of medical school. I just finished the fourth draft of my novel, What They Don’t Know. And I volunteer with foster children. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Contact me here.